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Ketuv is closing up shop! Last orders should be placed by September 1st, 2017.
Lead time: 8 - 16 weeks
Price range: $1,000 - $1,500


Edeet Bergman: Bio

Edeet Bergman grew up in Israel. After several careers–as a nature guide in the Israeli army (where she met her husband), an actress, and 16 years as a holistic healer–Edeet decided to become an illustrator, in order to illustrate her own verses, written in Hebrew. She lives and work in Manhattan, where she now works mostly on art and calligraphy for ketubot.

Artist Statement

My personal work–drawings often made with pencil on paper and in a surrealist style–delves into dark corners. I began making ketubot when I was asked to do so by marrying friends, and this was how my love of ketubot started. Now, most of my work consists of custom made fine art ketubot.

Ketubahs by Edeet Bergman Shop available ketubahs


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