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Elli Chortara: BIO

Elli is a freelance Illustrator based in London. She holds an MA degree in Visual Arts: Illustration from Camberwell College of Arts (University of the Arts London). She also holds a BA in Graphic Design and has worked, in the past, as a graphic designer, including a two-year stint designing book covers for one of the oldest publishers in Athens. She has recently participated in a variety of projects and exhibitions including an animation event at the V&A and exhibitions at the Medcalf Gallery, The Dreamspace Gallery and The Others in London. She has also created work for use in The Shop: a Magazine of Poetry and the Holloway Arts Festival. She has been selected for New Era’s 90th Birthday cap design exhibition and limited edition book. She has completed several private commissions, and also sells her work commercially, for use on book sleeves, album covers, posters, limited edition prints, T-shirt designs and hand made toys.


I like to see my illustrations as a ‘wind’ that reconfigures both graphic and more abstract elements in relation to each other. I focus on lines but also tend to break the balance using a variety of colors and shapes in a more abstract and conceptual way. My work is inspired by the patterns and sounds of nature, the sounds of various genres of contemporary music, and also by every day life–the ordinary or extraordinary as observed and captured by the eyes and mind.

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