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Jason Leinwand: BIO

Jason Leinwand (b. 1979) is from Middletown, CT. He received his BA in Studio Arts from Wesleyan University and an MFA in Studio Arts from NYU. He has exhibited work most recently in New York, New Orleans and in Belgium. In addition to his studio art practice, Jason is a designer for several circus companies, doing set design, mask/puppet building, and poster design. Circus companies include Cirque This (Brooklyn, NY), The Childrens Circus of Middletown, CT, and ArtFarm’s Circus for a Fragile Planet: SUBMERGED (Middletown, CT). Jason currently lives in Brooklyn, NY and works in his studio in Long Island City, NY.


The universe is a medley of patterns.
Every pattern is a perpetual meditation.
Meditations awaken consciousness.
Consciousness will reunite us back into the universe.

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