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Lead time: 2-6 weeks
Price range: $1,000-$1,500

JShonly: BIO

I am a graphic artist and designer from Ukraine. In 2008, I graduated from the Cherkassy University of Technology with an advanced degree in Graphic Design.

I studied the violin for nine years, and although my love for the graphic arts eventually overtook my love for music, the rules of harmony I learned in my music training will always direct me in my art. In Ukraine, I have won several competitions for book illustration, graphic design and packaging. Currently I’m focusing on my fine artwork and the exhibition of my work at the national level.


My present work is influenced by the graphic posters of Alphonse Mucha, and by the artwork of the ancient Aztec and Maya civilizations. I also draw inspiration from travel, the beauty of nature, and my great passion for music.

I developed the specific style of my present works almost 10 years ago, and I have been exploring it ever since, using different decorative materials and techniques: laying down black ink, watercolor, gouache, pastel and metallic paints on all different types of paper.

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