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Lauren Kotkin 200dpi_small

Lauren Kotkin: Bio

Lauren Kotkin has had a pair of scissors in her hand since middle school, first as a seamstress. After 12 years of running a whimsical fabric baby gift business, she made a natural shift from cutting patterned fabric to cutting paper. She is primarily self-taught as an artist, though her graduate studies focused on integrating the arts in education. Lauren lives in Washington D.C., and has been active in the local arts scene since 2008. She has shown her collage work in a number of juried and group shows.

Artist Statement

On a visit to Prague, I was intrigued by the carefully constructed mosaic sidewalks. In my work, I capture what was right there, underfoot yet unnoticed, and elevate it into something to be observed and admired. Photos of the sidewalks are separated/displaced and then reconnected/reshaped into new patterns, creating wholeness from fragments. Lately I’ve used other images, such as photos of flowers and words, or images from my local newspaper, to create similarly patterned artworks – detailed creations with scissors.

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