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Lisa Perrin: BIO

Lisa Perrin lives a quiet life of obsessive artmaking and thinking. She attended college in upstate New York where she graduated suma cum laude with a BFA in Drawing and Painting, as well as a BA in English. As of August 2011, she will be working to earn her Masters Degree in Illustration at Maryland Institute College of Art. Her work has been exhibited in galleries on both coasts, such as the Walsh Gallery at Seton Hall University and the Fifty24LA Gallery. Her original paper dolls have been published in several doll-related magazines, and have sold internationally and in domestic institutions such as the Mutter Museum of Philadelphia.

Art is the lens through which she understands herself.


My work is an exploration of several recurring themes. Among them are history, science, women, animals, and decoration. I tend to recycle images from my childhood and weave in color and pattern. I use traditional media like paint and graphite, as well as craft-based media like embroidery and glitter to convey my thoughts in a more compelling way. My obsessive focus on detail is a cornerstone of my work.

My goal is to engage the viewer by offering them something familiar, only to surprise them with unexpected details. Therefore, my work explores tensions between beauty and emptiness, familiarity and strangeness.

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