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Ketuv is closing up shop! Last orders should be placed by September 1st, 2017.
Lead time: 1 - 2 months
Price range: $1,500 - $4,500


Melissa Small: Bio

Melissa is an MFA graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design and co-founder of Creative Generalists, a young design & development studio in California. Melissa works in a variety of media: sumi ink, cut paper, textiles, and digital. She likes strong coffee & bright colors.

Artist Statement

No matter what medium I am working in, I aim to create strong compositions from playful, handmade shapes. I always have multiple projects going on at one time; I find it helps keep my mind nimble. The different media inform each other and I am often surprised when I pick a project back up after working on something else. Because I try to convey joy with my work, the element of play is an important part of my process.

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