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Rachelle Tolwin: Bio

Rachelle Tolwin likes to infuse creativity wherever possible, particularly in her painting, cooking, bookmaking, teaching, collaging and card making. She lives and works in Sundown, NY. She received her MFA in Drawing and Painting from California College of the Arts in San Francisco and exhibits her work throughout the country.


My work is an ongoing exploration of place. This exploration takes many paths. One path is working with maps. Remaking maps allows me to think about the world in a new way and contemplate my place in it. Through my manipulation of color, shape, orientation, text and topography, I conceive of new scenarios that refer to issues of climate change, geographical and political borders and personal connection to place. My maps are fictions, creating utopian and dystopian arrangements of place. The couple migration series is a geographic representation of where partners of a couple come from and connect to as individuals. These maps also raise wonder as to where they will continue on their journey together. By including maps of places they have lived, separately and together, I create a new document that is symbolic on many levels.

I am interested in the idealization, illusion and invention of place. These ideas come through in my map work, as well as in ideal landscape paintings. My imagined, utopian landscapes are inspired by nature’s beauty. They tend to be playful and colorful and relate to ideas of utopia, paradise, imagination and longing.

My current work continues to investigate idealizing images and symbols but deviates from a concrete notion of place. It is inspired by my spiritual practice as well as Mayan imagery and takes a mystical form. These works visually connect to the playful and colorful attributes of the imagined landscapes. Similar to my map series, I am also utilizing symbols and playing with their imposed meaning.

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