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Lead time: 3 weeks
Price range: $1,000-$1,400

Tim Fite: Bio

Tim Fite lives in Brooklyn. He makes musical and visual art. He has a recording contract with ANTI records. He has released eleven albums in the past five years. He tours around the United States making people think, smile, and cry. Tim makes videos, drawings, and children’s books for adults. Tim is not a performance artist, but he loves to perform. He is not a musician, but he loves making music. Tim is not married, but he loves going to weddings. Tim is not a biographer, but he did write this bio. Tim likes monkeys. If he were a monkey, he would be a howler monkey.


I enjoy creating “by any means necessary”—harnessing crooked lines, lost sounds, hair-lipped ideas, torn up tomes, digital detritus, barren blood, pencils, pens, penguins, paraffin, and porridge – anything that will get my fingernails dirty – to synthesize a captivating impersonation of wonderment, beauty, and nowness.

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