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Will Deutsch: Bio

Los Angeles-based artist Will Deutsch was raised in Orange County and studied fine art at UCLA. His works, which range in medium from works on paper to glass sculpture to performance, explore the ways that identity is mediated through cultural institutions. Most recently, he created a series of illustrations titled Notes From The Tribe. These images, posted weekly to a website of the same name, attempt to encapsulate the modern Jewish experience in the Diaspora. For this work he was awarded the first SEDER microgrant, with which he created a bi-annual Jewish arts and culture zine that will be distributed throughout Los Angeles later this year.

Deutsch has shown at the New Wight Gallery, Fly or Die Gallery, The Hive Gallery and TruXtop Gallery, among others. He has worked as an artist for TOMS Shoes, CYDWOQ, the Jewish Journal, The Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, Jewcy/JDub records, Tablet Magazine, The Los Angeles Theatre Center, Text/Context: Fresh Encounters with Jewish Tradition, Moses Blue Entertainment, AVAFINA Commodities, ZEEK: a Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture, and The Center For Jewish Culture and Creativity. His art can be seen in books, newspapers and magazines, and on album covers and t-shirts.

Artist Statement

What does it mean to be a Jew in the modern age? For those growing up in the Diaspora, the concept of Jewish identity is nebulous. In my family alone there is a Conservative cantor, an Orthodox Jew, an atheist, and an agnostic; yet, all of us identify strongly as Jews. I make paintings that attempt to encapsulate the essence of what ties us all together. My work uses an autobiographical lens to investigate the stories and traditions that connect the Jewish people to one another.

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