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Floral Ketubahs for the Perfect Spring Wedding

posted by Arielle Angel on May 19, 2014

Spring’s officially here, and that means wedding season has begun! Whether your special date is in the next few weeks or your date’s set in summer, check out these stunning floral ketubah designs created by our artists exclusively for Ketuv! Whether your style is sweet and delicate or lush and lively, you can customize the text so it represents YOU. Love is in the air! “Full Bloom” by Emily Roz:

floral ketubah - emily roz

  “Growing Together” by Rachelle Tolwin:

Floral Ketubah 2 Rachelle Tolwin

  “Trees Ketubah” by Rachelle Tolwin:

Floral Ketubah Rachelle Tolwin

“Romantic Anatomy” by Lisa Perrin:

Romantic Anatomy Ketubah

  “Cherry Blossoms, First Bloom” by Lindsay Muscato:

Cherry Blossoms Ketubah

  Check out our full collection of floral ketubah designs – and Happy Spring!

If You Liked Illumination #1…

posted by Arielle Angel on October 10, 2013

You’re going to LOVE Illumination #2!

Rachel Leibman, just back from a trip to Australia, just completed her second colorful Ketuv design, the firework-like pom poms collaged from ancient manuscripts.

Illumination #2 Ketubah br 13"x19" br Collage from ancient manuscript images br 2013

To learn more about this ketubah, go to the Illuminations #2 Ketubah product page. To learn more about Rachel Leibman, go to her artist page. You can also see her work at the upcoming San Francisco Open Studios, and at Inclusions Gallery in Bernal Heights, San Fracisco. Details below:

Weekend 1:
At Fort Mason, Building C, Room 205
With four other artists: Alison Heath (photographer), David Booth (photographer), Laura Williams (painter) and Ann Marie Hodrick (jeweler)
Saturday and Sunday, October 19 and 20, from 11 to 6
And Friday evening, October 18, Preview from 6 to 8:30
Weekend 2:
At 1890 Bryant Street Artist Studios, 1890 Bryant Street, Suite 210
Saturday and Sunday, October 26 and 27, from 11 to 6
And Thursday evening, October 24, Preview from 6 to 9:00
I will have three collages in the “Art from within Bernal Heights” exhibition at Inclusions Gallery (627 Cortland Ave.). 
The show runs from October 19 to November 17. 
The opening reception is Sunday, November 3, from 4 to 6

Stunning Quilt-Patterned Custom Ketubah

posted by Arielle Angel on May 15, 2013

Catherine and Gabe, the creative duo behind Woodcut Maps, came to Ketuv artist Jason Leinwand wanting a ketubah that matched the tone of their knitted chuppah. After a few conversations, and a few sketches (one of which is pictures below), and some custom calligraphy by Edeet Bergman, this is what he came up with.

Knit Pattern Custom KetubahWow!

And for a bit of behind-the-scenes action, here is a peek at Jason’s initial sketch:

Sketch 1

Catherine and Gabe loved the sketch, but Catherine thought the design within the text box looked too much like fallopian tubes (ha!), so Jason amended them to what you see above.

Read on for an exit interview with Jason about his process.

Q: What medium did you use?

A: The ketubah was made with archival ink pens and Faber-Castell polychrome colored pencils.

Q: What were Catherine and Gabe looking for with this ketubah? What was the inspiration?

A: Catherine and Gabe were looking for a ketubah that expressed their dedication to, and wonder of, the world they want to live in, create, and share with others. It seemed to me that the energy and spirit of a community was the focus not just of their wedding, but of their lives. I think my style of artwork was attractive to them, not just because I was their friend and part of that community, but because it hopes to capture that very busy and active essence of life, the universe and love. They had a very specific color palette that drew from the colors and patterns of a sentimental pillow they own. They also wanted it to be playful, even making reference to their pet cats. (But that is our secret as to where that comes into the piece!) Other inspirations for the piece were the little crocheted squares that loved ones and wedding guests have selected that will be knit together to form their chuppah. I tried to emulate this idea of many different patterned squares being put together to form the overall layout of the ketubah.

Q: How does this relate to what you are exploring in your studio these days?

A: This ketubah relates so perfectly to what I am exploring in my studio. I have actually been making only 20″x 20″ square, colored pencil drawings for the past 6 months or so. Making another one for Catherine and Gabe seemed completely in line with the last drawing I made, which also consisted of a squared grid. Ultimately, I have found that in addition to making work about cosmic and worldly energies, I really just love to color! Getting to color and meditate over their ketubah, reading the text they had chosen and creating something special around it, highlights the elements I wish to be present in all my work.

For more information about Jason Leinwand, visit his artist page.

Update 8/15/2013: Check out this great pic of the signing!


NEW Ketubot by Rachelle Tolwin!

posted by Arielle Angel on March 13, 2013

Ketuv is pleased to announce the inclusion of two sweet, domestic new ketubot by Rachelle Tolwin! The first is the Geometric Ketubah. According to Rachelle, this ketubah is inspired by the symbol of the chuppah, a transcendental entranceway to a new phase in the life of a couple, where the transformative act of marriage occurs. The second is Growing Together, about “planting the seeds for your life together, as you journey side by side, growing and supporting one another.” We just love how both of these ketubot make use of symbols that center on the idea of “home” — the chuppah, a lovely pair of house plants. What a wonderful way to signal the transition into wedded bliss!