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Quilts, Flowers and Patterns in New Ketubot

posted by Arielle Angel on August 16, 2015

We are so excited to present three new ketubot, by two new Ketuv artists! The first two ketubot are by Edeet Bergman, an Israeli artist based in Manhattan who has been devoting herself to ketubot for the last decade. The first one, called the Garden of Eden ketubah, is very indicative of Edeet’s signature style in graphite, surreal and rich. We also love the concept behind this ketubah, which Edeet shared was about weathering the ups and downs in a relationship with equanimity and acceptance.

Garden of Eden Ketubah graphite on paper 13 x 19 " 2015

Edeet also contributed a ketubah based on Native American quilts, aptly named the Quilt Ketubah:

Quilt Ketubah acrylic and pen on paper 13 x 19 " 2015

The third ketubah was by a new D.C.-based Ketuv artist named Lauren Kotkin. Actually, Lauren got in touch after creating a ketubah for one of our text-only ketubah customers. We loved what she did with their ketubah (we’ll be showing a whole bunch of examples of what independent artists have done with our text-only ketubot in our next post), and we are so happy to have her on our roster with this beautiful, floral collaged ketubah, called Love Grows:

Love Grows collage on paper 11.7"x16.5" 2015

We hope you like them as much as we do! For more information on Edeet or Lauren, visit their artist pages by clicking on their names!

Floral Ketubahs for the Perfect Spring Wedding

posted by Arielle Angel on May 19, 2014

Spring’s officially here, and that means wedding season has begun! Whether your special date is in the next few weeks or your date’s set in summer, check out these stunning floral ketubah designs created by our artists exclusively for Ketuv! Whether your style is sweet and delicate or lush and lively, you can customize the text so it represents YOU. Love is in the air! “Full Bloom” by Emily Roz:

floral ketubah - emily roz

  “Growing Together” by Rachelle Tolwin:

Floral Ketubah 2 Rachelle Tolwin

  “Trees Ketubah” by Rachelle Tolwin:

Floral Ketubah Rachelle Tolwin

“Romantic Anatomy” by Lisa Perrin:

Romantic Anatomy Ketubah

  “Cherry Blossoms, First Bloom” by Lindsay Muscato:

Cherry Blossoms Ketubah

  Check out our full collection of floral ketubah designs – and Happy Spring!