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Floral Ketubahs for the Perfect Spring Wedding

posted by Arielle Angel on May 19, 2014

Spring’s officially here, and that means wedding season has begun! Whether your special date is in the next few weeks or your date’s set in summer, check out these stunning floral ketubah designs created by our artists exclusively for Ketuv! Whether your style is sweet and delicate or lush and lively, you can customize the text so it represents YOU. Love is in the air! “Full Bloom” by Emily Roz:

floral ketubah - emily roz

  “Growing Together” by Rachelle Tolwin:

Floral Ketubah 2 Rachelle Tolwin

  “Trees Ketubah” by Rachelle Tolwin:

Floral Ketubah Rachelle Tolwin

“Romantic Anatomy” by Lisa Perrin:

Romantic Anatomy Ketubah

  “Cherry Blossoms, First Bloom” by Lindsay Muscato:

Cherry Blossoms Ketubah

  Check out our full collection of floral ketubah designs – and Happy Spring!

The Custom Ketubah

posted by Arielle Angel on March 16, 2012

Custom Map ketubah by Rachelle Tolwin

We know that commissioning a custom ketubah can be intimidating. That’s why we recently shared our tips with Jewish wedding experts, The Wedding Yentas. We had so much info on the topic that the post comes in two parts, Part I and Part II. If you’re considering a custom work, definitely follow the links to the post as a whole, but either way, here are some excerpts that will give you a sense of the process. Figure out what your ketubah is about: Talk to your partner about what aspects of your relationship you would like your ketubah to highlight. They should be the things that you feel are truly special about your relationship. You may want to think about the stories that are important to you as a couple: how you met, the moment you “knew,” a trip you took together. Your ketubah can depict, say, the park bench where he proposed, or a map of all the New York City apartments you both lived in before you met one another. Start thinking about color: This could be as basic as wanting the ketubah to echo your wedding colors, or the colors of your home, or it could be more symbolic. Figure out what you like: There is no special formula to finding the right artist, and you don’t have to know about art to have an experience with it. Look around. When you like something, listen to yourself. Collect images of the artwork you and your partner like, and look at all the images together to see if there is a pattern emerging. Communicate: Let your artist in on the details of the conversation you had with your partner, and share your little folder of inspiration images, taking him/her through your vision for your ketubah. In one case, a couple even sent me a crude version of what they wanted, which they sketched out themselves in crayon!

The client’s sketch to the artist’s rendering

As we told The Wedding Yentas, this may sound like a lot of work, but we believe that you and your partner can figure out the basics of what you’re interested in over the span of a dedicated afternoon. It might also be fun, an opportunity to literally “visualize” your relationship. Don’t forget that your artist will also bring something to the table. You don’t have to have everything figured out in order to start the conversation! Again, for the full post, including more information about ketubah text on a custom work, as well as the details of the agreement between artist and client, please visit The Wedding Yentas, and Ketuv’s posts, Part I and Part II!

Featured Artist: Paola Andrea Ochoa

posted by Arielle Angel on June 14, 2011

Congratulations to Ketuv artist Paola Andrea Ochoa on her inclusion in Mark Batty’s Open Daybook, published by Random House! Ochoa, Colmbian-born and Brooklyn-based, has exhibited nationally in Los Angeles, New York and Miami. She has also had two solo shows at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, Colorado. Check out her gallery, and her limited edition print “Love Nest,” an environment for lovers.