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Passover Haggadah for 2014

posted by Arielle Angel on April 13, 2014

Every year, Ketuv co-founder Arielle Angel reworks her Haggadah, a “collage” from a number of sources, with illustrations by her and her friends. We thought we’d make it available for download for you! It’s definitely super progressive/social justice oriented, but it is also attentive to the traditional steps of the seder, and doesn’t skimp on anything. To download, click here:¬†haggadah2014

Haggadah cover

Passover 2012!!!!!

posted by Arielle Angel on April 4, 2012

Hi all,

I made you this. An illustrated handmade Haggadah for 2012 which explores themes of social justice: oppression and liberation, resistance and hope. This Haggadah is decidedly Jewish, but is entirely appropriate for an interfaith seder. This Haggadah borrows, steals and plagiarizes from many other Haggadot, and is also made from original material, ranging from the traditional to the super-lefty-touchy-feely (possible keywords: feminist seder, environmentalist seder, vegetarian seder, etc.). It also features my illustrated 12 steps, a selection of which you can view below. Click below to download the PDF.

HERE: haggadah2012

Yachatz: Breaking the Middle Matzah

Maggid: Telling the Passover Story

Korech: Eating the Matzah and Maror Together


Happy Passover everyone!