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We’ve Launched our New Jewish Wedding Ceremony Guide!

posted by Arielle Angel on March 14, 2016

A wedding is a meaningful opportunity for a couple to begin to define and express their shared values in light of their individual histories, cultures and traditions. The ketubah text is one of the key ways that Jewish and interfaith couples can reflect their union in a traditional form, which means that here at Ketuv, we know that reconciling tradition with modern values can be a tricky proposition for some. That’s why it has always been one of our main priorities to empower couples to engage authentically with Jewish tradition in the way that feels right for them.

Over the years, we’ve counseled countless, diverse couples on the structure of their Jewish wedding ceremony, and we had long dreamed of collecting our advice in a guide, but we knew we needed the right partner. For a long time, the idea just sat there. So when we first heard from Sarah Resnick of Advah Designs, we were stoked to find someone as passionate about inclusivity in the Jewish community and the beauty of Jewish tradition as we were! Fast forward a few months, and here we are, with a complete guide that we are so proud and excited to share with you: “Planning A Jewish Wedding Ceremony: A Guide to Traditions and Alternatives.”

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We created this guide with you in mind, all of you: gay and straight, feminist and egalitarian, queer and trans, Sephardic and Ashkenazi, secular and interfaith, modern Orthodox, you name it. We have aggregated some of the best ways that couples of all kinds are engaging authentically with tradition, and making it their very own. We explore every piece of the Jewish ceremony– from Beddeken, to Sheva Brachot, to Yichud (if you don’t know what these mean now, you will soon!)–explain the traditional symbolism, and highlight ways that diverse Jewish couples are adapting these rituals in joyful and meaningful ways.

We can’t wait for you to read it! Click here to get your digital copy! Or, you can always email us at and request one!