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Ketuv is closing up shop! Last orders should be placed by September 1st, 2017.

Floral Ketubahs for the Perfect Spring Wedding

posted by Arielle Angel on May 19, 2014

Spring’s officially here, and that means wedding season has begun! Whether your special date is in the next few weeks or your date’s set in summer, check out these stunning floral ketubah designs created by our artists exclusively for Ketuv! Whether your style is sweet and delicate or lush and lively, you can customize the text so it represents YOU. Love is in the air! “Full Bloom” by Emily Roz:

floral ketubah - emily roz

  “Growing Together” by Rachelle Tolwin:

Floral Ketubah 2 Rachelle Tolwin

  “Trees Ketubah” by Rachelle Tolwin:

Floral Ketubah Rachelle Tolwin

“Romantic Anatomy” by Lisa Perrin:

Romantic Anatomy Ketubah

  “Cherry Blossoms, First Bloom” by Lindsay Muscato:

Cherry Blossoms Ketubah

  Check out our full collection of floral ketubah designs – and Happy Spring!

What’s a Mini-Ketubah?!

posted by Arielle Angel on March 26, 2014

It’s our new product line, of course!

One thing we’ve heard again and again from marrying couples is: we just want something simple! So we encouraged our artists to focus on more elemental designs, in a slightly smaller format, 16.5″ x 11.7″. It doesn’t hurt that we’ve cut a chunk off our baseline price, too: these babies go for $325 a pop, and customers will still be able to take advantage of Ketuv’s free text personalization, as well as a round of proofing with their rabbi/officiant.

We’re excited to kick off this line with new Ketuv artist Emily Roz, who works with images of flowering plants and trees, which hearken back to the Battle Park neighborhood in Chapel Hill, NC where she was raised.

Check out her two new mini-ketubot:

Dogwood Blossoms ketubah  Oil on wood panel  11.7 x 16.5"  2013

Dogwood Blossoms Mini-Ketubah, Original Medium: Oil on wood panel

Full Bloom ketubah  Gouache on paper  11.7 x 16.5"  2013

Full Bloom Mini-Ketubah, Original Medium: Gouache on paper

We’re also so pleased to present a new mini-ketubah from one of our veteran Ketuv artists, Rachelle Tolwin, featuring a sweet and lovely chuppah, with poles wrapped in greenery:

Chuppah Ketubah  Mixed media collage on paper  2013

Chuppah Mini-Keutbah, Original Medium: Mixed-media collage on paper

Check back in, since we plan to add another two mini-ketubot in April! In the meantime, to learn more about Emily Roz and Rachelle Tolwin, visit their artist pages.

NEW Ketubot by Rachelle Tolwin!

posted by Arielle Angel on March 13, 2013

Ketuv is pleased to announce the inclusion of two sweet, domestic new ketubot by Rachelle Tolwin! The first is the Geometric Ketubah. According to Rachelle, this ketubah is inspired by the symbol of the chuppah, a transcendental entranceway to a new phase in the life of a couple, where the transformative act of marriage occurs. The second is Growing Together, about “planting the seeds for your life together, as you journey side by side, growing and supporting one another.” We just love how both of these ketubot make use of symbols that center on the idea of “home” — the chuppah, a lovely pair of house plants. What a wonderful way to signal the transition into wedded bliss!

Straw Hill Farm

posted by ketuv_admin on September 2, 2011

Ketuv artist Rachelle Tolwin and her husband Chaim just left New York City after more than a decade for Sundown, NY, with intentions of developing an inspiring and rejuvenating space for creatives. We thought we’d check in with them and see how the preparations are going.

Our blue mountain home

Greetings from Sundown! Sundown is a magical mountain hamlet located in the southeastern tip of the Catskills Mountains in NY.  My husband and I decided to make the move up here after about 15 years living in and around NYC. Our purpose for obtaining this land was to develop a safe, beautiful and inspiring place where like-minded people can go to unite with nature, rejuvenate, be inspired and create. We feel that there is a strong need for this in our lives and in the lives of our family, friends and community.  We have lived in the mountains for about two months and I am blown away by the beauty and inspiration I experience here. I feel very blessed to be living here and am excited to share it.

Our place is called Straw Hill Farm. There are signs all around the place with the Straw Hill Farm name and we decided to pay homage to its 200 year history and keep it. The day we closed on the house, we discovered why it may have been named Straw Hill. We found endless amounts of tiny wild strawberries throughout the field. There are many such moments of wonder and joy here.

Our goal is to create a home that is as self-sustaining as possible. We plan to build a greenhouse in order to garden year-round, and we also plan to garden on the land.  We are looking into solar and alternative fuel and building options. We are also working on renovating the barn and hosting small art, music, yoga and healing retreats. We believe this is a special place and we love to discover ways it can be a space for creative events.  We are doing a lot of the work ourselves and brainstorming with others on ideas about transforming our new home.

Me with one of our newborn guinea keets. A new addition to the family and they eat ticks, too!


The barn

Barn swallows in the morning

Everyday brings a new learning experience. I grew up in the suburbs and spent the other half of my life living in cities. This has been a considerable shift coming from that culture to a small town. I am embracing this new change and enjoying it too. We are also only about 2 ½ hours from New York City. It’s important to us to keep a close connection to the city, and it doesn’t feel too distant.

As my life takes different paths, I find myself more open to the different paths my art may take. Nature has always been a theme in my work, and being surrounded by it is having an impact on how I think about art and the art I want to make.  I feel like my art is on a new adventure as I transition to mountain country existence.

The first piece I made up here.

We created a website about our new place: It’s fun to keep our family and friends updated on our life up here with pictures and a blog. We also created an online store which will feature art, music and other miscellaneous and special things. Even though we’re only in the beginning stages, we welcome contact, suggestions, moral support on our contact page.

You can find out more about Rachelle Tolwin on her artist page.