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Real Ketubah Signing: Chicago, IL

posted by Arielle Angel on August 15, 2013

Check out these pics from the Alpert wedding in Chicago, IL! From the images, the signing seems intimate, yet festive. The ketubah is Paola Andrea Ochoa’s Tight and Mighty Embrace Ketubah. To learn more about Paola, visit her artist page.

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Ketubah Signing at Lovely Mountain Nuptials

posted by Arielle Angel on November 13, 2012

Just had to share these beautiful photos of the ketubah signing from Josh and Danielle’s lovely mountain nuptials, taking place at the Banner Elk Winery in North Carolina. The ketubah is Rachelle Tolwin’s Petals Ketubah. Gotta love the post-signing newlywed high five (followed by a kiss, of course)!

I won’t spoil any of the details of this gem of a wedding–you’ll be seeing them on one of your favorite wedding blogs real soon!

All photos by Robby Campbell.


Patterned Ketubah for a Miami Wedding

posted by Arielle Angel on October 1, 2012

When Jacki and Ido asked me to create their ketubah, I was thrilled. The bride has been one of my best friends since age four, and I wanted to contribute to their special day in any way that I could.

The colors of their wedding were black and “Tiffany blue,” and they used a damask pattern on their invitations, seating cards and table numbers. I took this damask pattern, drew and hand-painted it, arranged the pattern facing in several different orientations, and created a 3-D mosaic by overlaying paper “grout” in the bride and groom’s signature Tiffany blue. The grout also encompassed the first letter of the Hebrew and English text.

I had the opportunity of being in the room when the bride and groom signed the ketubah and did a small beddekin ceremony. I thought doing the beddekin in private was a nice, intimate alternative to doing it in front of all the wedding guests (and check out that picture…Yowza!).

Another noteworthy detail was the timing of the wedding– it took place on Biscayne Bay at sunset, under a breezy bamboo chuppah.


The Ketubah Signing:

Abba: Hey, Ido, smell my finger!

Ido: Not now, Abba.

The Beddekin:

This “Beddekin” picture: I’m kvelling.

Reading the ketubah under the Chuppah:

The bride receiving the ketubah.

Check out Jacki and Ido’s simple, elegant bamboo chuppah.

Mazel Tov Jacki and Ido! Thanks for letting me, and Ketuv, be a part of your special day!

Venue: Trios on the Bay, North Bay Village, Florida

Photography: Marisa Matluck

Bride’s Dress: Vera Wang