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Custom Ketubah: Text with Some Pizzazz

Noah and Britt are a no-nonsense pair: For their intimate Tulum wedding, they wanted a small and simple ketubah, which featured only the text, but that didn’t mean they didn’t want a little pizzazz! We decided a modern layout of the text itself would be the unique element, with the added phrase “Ani L’Dodi V’Dodi Li” (“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”) in blue for a touch of color. We also decided their names would get a similar boost.


I used a thick, handmade paper with a deckled edge (about 8 x 10″), a micron pen, and watered down acrylic paint. Check out these beautiful photos from the tropical ketubah signing: EDITED-BRIT-NOAH-023 EDITED-BRIT-NOAH-061 EDITED-BRIT-NOAH-062

For framing, they chose an elegant floating frame effect, giving the ketubah some space to shine, and letting the deckled edge show.


Mazel Tov, Noah and Britt!

To see more of Arielle Angel’s work, visit her artist page.